GTA V is the center realism in the gaming world when the gameplay is in question. In order increase the realism of the GTA V, the mod developer by the name of Rippler has constructed a mod which doesn’t add new weapons to the game but modifies all the weapons in the game.

Ripplers Realism mod took almost six months to be constructed perfectly. According to the rippler, the GTA V is the most realistic game in the market but there are some areas which can be improved.  This mod deals with the weapons which are available for use in the game. This mod was first released in 2015 and was constantly updated till the end of 2016. This mod was downloaded by almost 83000 players.

Playable Features:

This mod was constructed with the intent to magnify the realism in the gameplay of GTA V and enhance gaming experience for the players. In order to do that, Rippler constructed a mod which added some tweaks to the playable features of the weapons. The modified playable features are:

  • The damage of the weapons was set accurately according to the caliber and the velocity of the weapon. 
  • Zoom has been slightly increased for assault rifles.
  • Some effect has been added to the guns once they are fired.
  • The recoil has been changed dramatically with added gun vibration and muzzle whip depending on caliber but also added a quicker recovery rate to simulate coming back on target quickly and not at a default snail’s pace.
  • Now the suppressor does not reduce the damage and the velocity of the gun.
  • The grenade launcher rounds explode on impact now and launch from the tube at a realistic velocity. 
  • The range of tank gun has increased to 5km and the velocity has also increased drastically.
  • Several guns will now cast actual light from their muzzle flash at night giving them a far cooler appearance.


Player’s Experience:

The sole purpose of playing GTA V is to experience the world crime. Most of the players play GTA V for the realistic journey and additionally for the thrill. This mod helps the gamers to experience the thrilling and dangerous world of GTA V. According to many players, this mod offers realism to the game and enhances the gaming experience.

One of the primary reasons that this mod provides realism to the game is the playable features which are programmed in the mod. The realistic sounds of gun fire, loading of chamber, smoke effect, falling of shells, filling of magazine adds realism to the gameplay and also amplify the thrill of playing the game.


As this mod was updated all 17 times so currently this mod doesn’t have any issues but in the start this mod had a lot of issues. The game used to crash whenever the guns were being fired. Muzzle flashes used to stop working. But the continuous efforts of the Rippler perfected the mod and fixed all the issues.



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