Download Roaming Bossess 1.1 (fix Mod not working) – Screenshots and Description:

Roaming Bossess 1.0.0 WIP

This mod adds Bossess, these Bossess have different abilities, like telporting, vanishing, explosive ammo, duplicating themselfs etc, each boss is NOT marked on the map straight away, to find them you have to explore, when you get close (around 400m away) their blip will reveal itself, simple make your way up to the them, and Press E when prompted to start the fight

Once the fight starts the boss will play an animation, and you will be teleported away (so you dont instantly die)

1. if you dont have a folder named scripts create on, if you folder name is ‘Scripts’ change it
to ‘scripts’
2. Download nativeUI
3. Install Scripthookvdotnet ( you need to put all 7 files in root fodler), root folder is where all the x64a – x64w files are
4. Install Scripthookv in root



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