Download Robbable Bank: Fleeca 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Robbable Bank: Fleeca 1.0

This mod allow you to rob a bank (Fleeca Bank)
Your goal is to get into the vault and grab the money. the max payout is 400k.
the minimum is 0. Start the mission by pressing Numpad 2 (make sure your numlock is enabled).
When you are about to enter the vault you will get a 3 star level, when you steal the contents of the box you will get 4 stars.

install: Simply drag and drop fleeca.dll into your scripts folder.
Make sure Scripthookv, Scripthookvdotnet is installed otherwise the mod will not work.

V1.0 Just released the mod nothing special to mention.


ShadoFax for creating the mod.

bubbaj0423 for helping me with getting into the vault.




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