Download RPH Assassin Mod 2.1.0-alpha – Screenshots and Description:

RPH Assassin Mod 2.1.0-alpha

Mod for RAGE Plugin Hook that “procedurally generates” assassination missions.

Procedurally generates assassination missions where you must go to a defined target and kill them.
Automatic wanted levels and cash given.

Known Issues:
Cash is only given to Michael.
Plugin crashes if you attempt to start in the “Terminal” area of the map. (Cause is unknown. The plugin should load fine as long as you don’t see Terminal in the bottom right.)
RAGE Native UI is required even though it is not used (yet)

Make cash give to active player
Show the cash add animation
Make peds spawn better and wander around
More advanced things like vehicles, proper ai, bodyguards, decoys, whatever

Place the DLL file in Plugins, and load the plugin to start the mission. (The mission starts as soon as it is loaded, and unloads on completion)

Dependent on RAGE Plugin Hook and RAGE Native UI (currently unused)



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