Saint’s Alternative Cloud Textures 4.0 is a mod for GTA V that replaces the game’s default clouds with real-life/custom images. By using a trainer like Menyoo, players can mix and match different cloud textures to create a more visually appealing experience. The installation process requires OpenIV or Codewalker, and users are advised to backup their mods folder before proceeding. The mod can be downloaded from the provided link, and detailed instructions are included in the readme file. The mod is created by Saint 78 and the file size is 135 MB. Tagged as Misc Texture and Skydome.

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Saint’s Alternative Cloud Textures 4.0

Saint's Alternative Cloud Textures 4.0

This mod replaces the mostly ugly clouds from GTA V with real life/custom images of clouds. Some might look weird, but if you mix and match with weathers using a trainer like menyoo, they should look good.

OpenIV or Codewalker required
Before you do anything, make sure to backup your mods folder. If something breaks or goes wrong, it’s not my fault.
After that, make sure you have a copy of update.rpf in your mods folder. Copy it from the game’s update folder in OIV if not.
Next, follow this path in OIV or Codewalker: Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.rpfx64levelsgta5
drag and drop the cloudhats folder inside the “required” folder onto that path
Once that’s done you can now go inside the cloudhats.rpf and replace all the textures that you want.
(This is done to save extra space and overrides the files globally instead of the traditional/old method of the x64.rpf files)

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Extra info in readme.


Saint 78

Download mod

File File size
Saints Alternative Cloud Textures
135 MB

Tagged Misc Texture, Skydome

1. Realistic Clouds:
Realistic Clouds mod aims to enhance the appearance of clouds in the game by adding more detail and depth. It focuses on creating a more realistic and immersive cloud experience. Unlike Alternative Cloud Textures, Realistic Clouds may offer more variety in cloud formations and have more complex textures.

2. Enhanced Clouds:
Enhanced Clouds mod also aims to improve the visuals of clouds in the game. It may provide higher-resolution textures and more vibrant colors compared to Alternative Cloud Textures. Additionally, it may have options to customize cloud density, height, and overall appearance to suit the player’s preference.

3. Vivid Clouds and Fogs:
Vivid Clouds and Fogs mod focuses on enhancing not only the cloud textures but also the atmospheric effects associated with clouds, such as fog and mist. It may offer more dynamic and realistic cloud movements and interactions with the environment. This mod aims to create a more immersive weather experience and complement Alternative Cloud Textures.

4. Majestic Mountains:
Majestic Mountains mod primarily focuses on improving the appearance of mountain ranges in the game. However, it may also incorporate enhanced cloud textures to create a more realistic and visually appealing mountain environment. The clouds in this mod may have a specific style or aesthetic that complements the mountains.

5. Cathedral Weathers and Seasons:
Cathedral Weathers and Seasons mod is a comprehensive weather and lighting overhaul. While it includes enhanced cloud textures, its main purpose is to create a more immersive and realistic weather system throughout the game world. The clouds in this mod may be influenced by weather conditions and have variations based on different seasons and regions.

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Each mod mentioned here brings its own unique features and visual enhancements to the clouds in the game. Players may prefer one over the other based on personal preferences regarding realism, variety, customization options, or compatibility with other mods. Ultimately, the choice will depend on what the player desires in terms of visual enhancements and overall gameplay experience.
Saint’s Alternative Cloud Textures 4.0
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