Download Sandy shores surveillance speed 1.00 – Screenshots and Description:

Sandy shores surveillance speed 1.00

This mod is made mainly with

2000 cones
about twenty lights
4 sheriff vehicles
8 Sheriffs

This mod is made with Menyou so you will need ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet up to date
But also the Menyoo menu and the Editorial Map
ATTENTION this mods is incompatible with the LSPDFR mods. If you used this mods with LSPDFR
you would have collision problems because of the cones that are going to be duplicated and some will not be fixed
However, it is interesting if you want to drive and play crazy between the slowing voices
Works without the LSPDFR mods set by the NPCs who do not understand what is happening!
{What bunch of morons it is PNJ (Artificial Inteligence NPC) XD}

To Install the mods

Placed PatrolSpeed ??in your root GTA

D: Grand Theft Auto V

And finally Install Sandy Slowdown

in D: Grand Theft Auto V menyooStuff Spooner

Then start your game

For Enabled the mods

First launch Slowdown Sandy via the Menyoo menu sponner

Then in PatrolV Vitesse via EditorMap

Go to XML and type PatrolSpeed



Download mod

File File size

zipSandy shores_surveillance vitesse

60 MB