Download SC-2010 0.9 – Screenshots and Description:

SC-2010 0.9

– Welcome to AJ’s Black Market –
~The one stop shop for all your untraceable and illegal firearm needs~

The SC-2010. A Peruvian knockoff of the popular FN Fal. I’m surprised it isn’t Chinese, they copy everything. Clear sights and a decent ammo supply make this a go to rifle for special forces. Well, the ones that can’t afford anything better, that is. Imported so recently you can still smell the fish they were shipped over with…or smuggled in. I have plenty of these, fakes always are made in droves. A decent enough rifle to satisfy your criminal needs. I’m getting a shipment of ARX’s soon, I think those will be a better buy when they come in.

Right side textures are nonexistent for some reason?
Like the Ameli, edited textures would be appreciated, but if you can get past that bug, the gun works perfectly.



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