This script enables various (disable by default) scenario groups, including NPCs inside AmmuNation stores, Blaine County Savings & Loan, Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores police stations, but also:
Cops at the Franklin’s towing impound.
Police vehicles at the South LS police station (the one next to the Franklin’s towing impound) parking lot.
Security guards at the scrapyard from the “Big Score” preparation mission.
FIB agents inside the FIB building lobby and office.
NPCs inside the Doomsday Heist update (player) Facility (MP map required).
Lost MC members inside the East Vinewood clubhouse (MP map required).
NPCs inside the Pacific Standard bank (enabled for the MP map).
NPCs and cops inside the Mission Row police station (enabled for the MP map).
NPCs outside the After Hours update nightclubs.


Script Hook V .NET.
Mods folder.
Open Interiors.
Online Interiors.

Move “ScenarioGroups.cs” and “ScenarioGroups.ini” in the “scripts” folder. Note: by default, all the groups are disabled so you need to edit “ScenarioGroups.ini” and choose which one enable.
Import all the files from the “scenario” folder in “modsupdateupdate.rpfx64levelsgta5scenario”.

Special Thanks
dav90 for the decompiled PSO files.
dexyfex for Codewalker.

Added the casino update scenarios and edited both the parked cars and the ones coming in and out of the parking lot to “support” the new area layout. The new files are “east_vinewood.ymt and “race_course.ymt”. Note: import both only if you’re using the MP map.
Updated both the script and configuration file (added 3 options to load a few specific IPLs) and (hopefully) fixed the bug that resulted in all the groups being enabled no matter what the setting was.
Updated the locations, scenario points and requirements list inside the configuration file.




Enjoy !

Link Download :