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The Script Hook V for GTA 5 is an amazing ASI plugin that you can use to run scripts you wrote in the .NET language ingame. What really makes it stand out is the fact that you can customize the game experience and make it a lot better by adding in new features and ideas all the time. With the Grand Theft Auto 5 Script Hook you can always run some new scripts and add in new types of gameplay options while keeping the game interesting for yourself and others too.

Do you need Script Hook V for GTA 5?

Yes, if you play around with lots of scripts and want to customize the game at your own leisure, then Script Hook V is actually a very useful tool. It makes it easy for you to run scripts and reload them the way you want. It just makes the process more convenient and interesting for everyone, and the experience itself is among some of the best out there. You do want to test it out and see for yourself, all you have to do is to check it out and you will enjoy how it plays, you can rest assured of it.

The great thing about Script Hook V is that once you installed it you are ready to go. There’s not a lot of customization required or anything else. You just customize your experience, modify this as you go along and that’s it. Yes, it does have a challenging aspect to it, but if you start using this and improving on it, results can be really good. You have the potential to change the way you play GTA 5, especially if you use some creative scripts!

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Script Hook V .NET Screenshots:


How can you reload scripts?

If you want to use Script Hook V and want to reload scripts, all you have to do is to press the Insert key. This process is meaningful, simple and it delivers everything you want without any worries.

That certainly shows the dedication you get and how impressive the experience really becomes here. You can also change the key in the INI file if you want. This offers more versatility and you can choose to play the way you want while also being able to make some interesting, unique optimizations to the entire process as you go along.

How to install GTA 5 Script Hook?

The first thing you want to do is to install .Net framework 4.8 or a newer version, you can skip this if you have Windows 10. Installing the Visual C++ redistributable package for Visual Studio 2013 (64 bit) is a must as well.

Now that you installed those dependencies you can install the latest Script Hook V version. You will need to download the Community Script Hook V .NET and then copy the ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll and the ScriptHookVDotNet.asi files to the game directory. Now you will be able to play and enjoy this without having to worry about any downsides or anything like that.


  • Fixed missing multiply operator in quaternion class for v2 API
  • Fixed IsPersistent and MarkAsNoLongerNeeded() using the wrong natives
  • Updated GameVersion enum to contain newer versions

Script Hook V DOT NET Download Links:

3.0.3 (current) Link Download : Download from Server