Hey man!

This is Sekia Hills created by CHR – 15. Download this mod to have the experience the life on the beautiful hill. With high-quality images, the hill becomes more beautiful and smoother in the game. And with a simple method, players can easily use the mod.

This Map is For Gta5 & FiveM

Sekia Hills Drift - 3

Location x = -4322.71000000 y = 3178.24000000 z = 505.23200000


Pit fence has wrong Shader.

I wont fix stuff on it.
Do not republish this on any website without permission.
Feel Free to ask me stuff.
Feel Free to give Credits on your FiveM Server.

Thanks & Credits
Huge Thanks to Dem For making it a DLC!
Original Model by Asetto Corsa
Converting by CHR – 15


Sekia Hills Drift - 1

Sekia Hills Drift - 2


Here is your map!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1571050821

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