This content is about a mod called Selfie Pose 1.0. To install the mod, users need to drag a .ycd file into a specific folder structure. They also need to add text from a .txt file into another folder. The mod was created by BlackQueen and the download file size is 2 MB.

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Selfie Pose 1.0

Selfie Pose 1.0

Using: addonprops
1. Drag the .ycd file in: mods -> update -> x64 -> dlcpacks -> addonprops -> dlc.rpf -> props.rpf
2. Add the text from .txt in: menyooStuff -> FavoriteAnims.xml



Download mod

File File size
2 MB

1. Table Selfie Pose 2.0 Mod:
This mod is the upgraded version of Table Selfie Pose 1.0. It may offer more advanced features and improvements compared to its predecessor, such as additional pose options, enhanced customization settings, or improved stability.

2. Group Selfie Pose Mod:
While Table Selfie Pose 1.0 focuses on taking selfies at a table, the Group Selfie Pose Mod is designed specifically for capturing group photos. It may include features such as wider angle options, auto-timer for synchronized shots, or specific settings for capturing larger groups.

3. Landscape Selfie Pose Mod:
Unlike Table Selfie Pose 1.0, which caters to indoor table settings, the Landscape Selfie Pose Mod is optimized for outdoor or scenic shots. It may offer features like wider angle lenses, filters for landscape photography, or settings for capturing nature or panoramic views.

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4. Beauty Selfie Pose Mod:
This mod is ideal for those who want to enhance their facial features or apply beauty filters in their selfies. It may provide additional options for smoothing skin, improving complexion, adding makeup effects, or adjusting lighting for a more flattering selfie.

5. Pet Selfie Pose Mod:
If you love taking selfies with your pets, the Pet Selfie Pose Mod would be a great choice. It may incorporate features such as pet-friendly filters, treats or sounds to grab your pet’s attention, or automatic face detection for ensuring your furry friend is always in the frame.

Overall, the choice of mod depends on your specific needs and preferences, whether it’s capturing selfies at a table, with a group, in landscapes, or with pets.
Selfie Pose 1.0
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