Download Senora Desert Garage [Menyoo] – Screenshots and Description:

Senora Desert Garage [Menyoo]

Senora Desert Garage 1.0

Map Design by IamMistaWolf

Did you just ‘aquire’ a high-end vehicle and need it modified and tuned ‘no questions asked?’ Do you need an ‘out-of-the-way’, but small facility to perform ‘off-the-books’ custom auto work? Infinity Group has just the spot for your specific and ‘confidential’ automotive needs!

Senora Desert Garage located well-off-the-beaten-path just outside of Sandy Shores near the Alamo Sea is just what the ‘free thinking’ automotive technician needs. Secure, with few neighbors who ‘don’t ask questions’, feel free to bring in your latest ‘requisitioned’ car or motorcycle in for a good ‘refresh’ and ‘refurbished’ look so law enforcement…uh, ‘people’ can simply ‘admire’ your ‘new’ vehicle without any unnecessary ‘inquiries!’

Though only able to accomodate one vehicle in the repair bay, there is also a paint booth on site to finish up another at the same time to keep a steady flow of work moving through, thus keeping the profits rolling in! Senora Desert Garage also comes a fully equipped office with credit card and thumb scanner for Omega and Infinity Club Members. In addition, an office vault is available for those quick and difficult to trace ‘cash transactions.’ Want further transaction security? A secure WiFi setup is also available for direct electronic deposits so you can place or take in payment with far less worry about hackers or pesky FIB/IAA Agents getting too inquisitive!

Available for rent or purchase, Senora Garage is the perfect addition for the more ‘secretive’ automotive technician/entreprenuer looking to make high-end profits with ‘low-end’ visibilty! Contact your local Infinity Group Representative today as to how you may acquire this ‘little gold mine’ in the Senora Desert!

You will need, Menyoo, OIV and Map Builder Discovery to complete this map. Peds and Vehicles not included.

Known Bugs:

Teleports are located at the front, side door and side garage door. All gates and interior doors work. You will want to ‘lock’ the main gate as the ‘Locals’ will constantly walk or drive past causing it to constantly open and close. To lock the main gate, go into ‘Spooner’, then ‘Database’, scroll to ‘fnclink_gate_2’ (prop #272) and select ‘frozen in place’. When ready to unlock it, simply deselect frozen in place.

*WARNING: Do Not Select ‘DYNAMIC’ and ‘overwrite’ or shutdown your game while that is selected. When you load the map again, the gate will fall through the ground!


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