Download Shaolin Monks: Includes Zhimonk from Dead Rising 3 (Custom Models/Voices) 1.0 (FIXED) – Screenshots and Description:

Shaolin Monks: Includes Zhimonk from Dead Rising 3 (Custom Models/Voices) 1.0 (FIXED)

This mod adds three new models to the game via addon and installation!

Monks are usually peaceful, and sacred people, but they are not safe from the corruption of Los Santos. Far off on the beach side they lure in unsuspecting tourists to participate in brutal fights to the death in their Shaolin Tournament called Beach Side Kombat! Now you too can fight to the death against these monks, but their leader Zhi is not to be messed with. With the loss of his wife for a guy who sells refrigerators, spoiled brats for children and constantly dealing with people messing with his garden of peace, he is rather mental and aggressive! (Tribute to Dead Rising 3 psycho boss) Now trapped you too must fight to survive their twisted games!

What this mod includes:

All three ped models you see in the video showcase. (Can spawn via trainer with following names)

Edited version of Fight Championship (Thanks to 5mith all credit goes to him). All I did was add a new spawn location and these monk models set to spawn!

Katana Addon with double action holster Anim. (All credit goes to authors all I did was change the holster anim) I did not make this model all credit goes to these authors below, I simply edited the holster animations and big thanks for allowing this to be an addon weapon!
Model converted to grand theft auto V by: Sandra Linson
Model created by: BlackBradHz
Database created by: yeahhmonkey
(no longer available)

The “READ ME” in the file explains everything you need to know.

Will add here too just in case ;D :

To install the models please move all the files from “IG Models” and add them here:


Next move all the files from “amy models” to here:


After that move all files from “gmm models” to here:

To install the new custom voice add “zombie” from the “Custom Voices” / “S_MISC (Zhimonk)’ folder and add it here:


To install the “Monk” voice move “a_m_m_ktown_01_korean_full_01” files from “Custom Voices” / “S_FULL_AMB_M (Monk)” folder and move them here:


To install the Peds. ymt move the files from the “x64 data” folder to this location:


Other installations:
Open “dlcpacks” folder and read “MUST ADD” to view install instructions/credit for the Katana.

Add “Beachside Kombat” located in “Scripts” folder to your scripts folder.


Extra Info: (Please Read)
The map will be uploaded too on my page so you can also fight in the location within the showcase video! (It is not needed for this to work, but highly recommended otherwise you will fight on a barren beachside.)

Shaolin Temple

In the video I used “Rey Quarterstaff” by nsh3t in replace for the pool cue.

(FIXED 1.0)
I realized that I forgot to include their new brawling style otherwise they cannot attack you. BS_Monk (If you want to add it to peds) (Installation included in READ ME)

If you already downloaded the unfixed version, that’s okay you are just a step ahead. ;D

What this does: It gives the AI much quicker response times and a higher probability to counter. Was also included in our mods showcase, but without our mod they will use original fighting animations.



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