Download Shaolin Temple 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Shaolin Temple 1.0

This is the map used in our Updated Enhanced Fighting Animations Mod V. 3.0 showcase!

This ancient temple was once a land of peace, but has sense been transformed into an arena of death and destruction. Now inhabited by these psycho monks, they are holding some major tournament here.

This Temple has peaceful gardens, and arena down below fit with a cliff of spikes so a bit of a mix of peace and danger. It also has a path into the ocean to fight on the water and broken bridges so watch your step. Some hidden things around the map to give it life, like some game references and hidden creatures.

Map builder and it’s requirements

READ ME located in file, but also here just in case:

Add Shaolin_Temple into main GTA V Directory and open via Map Editor.
Also make sure you add in the “Ped List” located in this file into your “scripts” folder in order for them to spawn or for you to use in your creations.
Just be sure to credit me! ??
If you already have a ped list and do not want to get rid of your version just add:

-in the top of the list.

If you want the monks to spawn you will have to download “Shaolin Monks”



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