Download Silver Surfer Script V1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Silver Surfer Script V1.0

?Silver Surfer Script V1?

The Silver Surfer is a humanoid alien with metal/chrome skin.
He wields the Power Cosmic, granting him superhuman strength, endurance,
senses and the ability to absorb and manipulate the universe’s ambient energy..


Flying + Cosmic Boost
Board Melee
Cosmic Beam
Cosmic Pulse
Cosmic Tornado (Peds, Vehicles or both)
Cosmic Blackhole
Galactus DeathRay
Cosmic Forcefield
Grab & Throw Peds
Cosmic Healing Crystals


Place “SilverSurfer.asi”, “SilverSurfer.ini” and “SilverSurferSounds” in the main directory of your GTA folder.
Place “SilverSurferHUD.ytdi” inside GTAV/mods/update/update.rpf/x64/textures/script_txds.rpf.
Install the forcefield prop with addon props.
Install the HealingCrystal prop with addon props.
Install Silver Surfer + Board.

(Optional, but adviced)

Download Dismemberment/Gore.

??Controls (Default):

Enable mod – Z Key
Special Attack – Right Mouse Button
Board Melee – Left Mouse Button
Select Special Attack – Mouse Scrollwheel Up & Down
Phase Mode – E Key
Boost forwards – W Key + Q key
Air break – Space Key

(Change the keys in SilverSurfer.ini)


?? Silver Surfer + Board
?? AddonProps
?? ScripthookV
?? Community Script Hook V .NET

??V1.1 Update:
Scroll binds in ini


Script: SilkTeam
Forcefield/Crystals prop: Barak101
Silver Surfer Ped/Board: gtav_KWABZ

Download mod

File File size

rarSilverSurfer Script

9 MB