Sometimes you just need a good GTA V trainer PC that you can use to enjoy the experience and just customize it as you see fit. And with help from the Simple Trainer for GTA V you can easily do all of that and so much more.

What makes this trainer unique is the fact that it allows you to spawn vehicles, improve the way you play and also modify various features inside the title. All of this is legal, you can use it the way you want and the experience alone will be super interesting and rewarding at the same time.

What can you find in this GTA V trainer?

You will notice right away that this GTA V trainer PC can be customized in any way that you want. You can modify the INI if you want to make the trainer even crazier than it really is at this time. They have 12 vehicle spawning options and you also have other car spawns from the menu. You can even change how to use the mobile radio, if you want a certain radio station when you play and so on.

You can also spawn a ped or a bodyguard if you want. The game will make it easy for you to spawn peds with the Simple Trainer for GTA V, and the best part is that you can also have the radio work outside the car. It’s a minor detail, but something that a lot of people will surely appreciate and enjoy all the time.

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Customizing the INI file

With the Simple Trainer for GTA V you can easily choose to customize the INI file and set your own parameters. They actually included a trainer.ini section where you can set the settings you want and make them enabled right from the start of the game. It’s just a very creative and unique way to play the game, something that works super well especially if you’re new to the game and want to improve your experience as you go along.

They are also updating the Simple Trainer for GTA 5 often. As a result, you will have new colors added, not to mention new features like infinite boost for example. All the little details matter for a trainer like this, and this one definitely pushes the boundaries when it comes to how it works and how you choose to use it. That alone makes the process great, and all you have to do is to check it out and give it a try as much as possible.

Overall, the Simple Trainer for GTA V is one of the better trainers for the game. It won’t get you banned, which is extremely important when you use a trainer for the game. But the fact that you have the option to spawn any gun or model in the game just gives you a lot of control and a stellar experience. If you like messing with the game a bit and also try out new things, this is an amazing trainer that you have to try right away!

 Gta V trainer pc Showcase:


SitKey1=76 //Sit Key Default L 
SitKey2=96 //Sit Key Default Num 0 

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How to install:

More information and installation instructions available in the ReadMe.

Changes from 9.7

-The option DisplaySong will now also work when a new song is played on the radio, not just when you press N for next song.
-Compatiblity with latest patch (snow, despawn, recording UI).
-Fixed a bug with Nitro not applying.

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