Rockstar has always stayed away from introducing the zombie’s mode in their main game and interface. They always kept their vision clear about never to sway away from the main concept that is grand theft auto and they do not want to change their core concept of the game. But for the gamers, zombies are like fantasy and they always wanted to get their hand on the sniper.

Shooting the zombies in the head and ultimately saving the world from zombies’ apocalypse is the main goal. So, developers have made the wishes come true for the gamers and they introduced Simple Zombies mod where the gamers can enjoy zombies in their favorite GTA V game. Let’s get into the good stuff and see how this amazing mod works.


Like any other mod, you will need Script Hook V to install the mod. Once the mod is added in the GTA V directory, you will be able to use all the features of simple zombies mod.

  • Once the mod is installed, open the game and press “I” to check the inventory of the mod. To check the craft items, you can use the button “C”.
  • F10 command can be used to get into the menu of zombies’ mod.
  • You can use the bodyguards to protect yourself from the zombies and you can also give commands to your bodyguards regarding what to do when you came across any horde of zombies. 
  • You can also repair the faulty engine with the “E” button to not attract the zombies.


Some of the highlighted features of the mod are:

  • To keep the idea realistic, zombies are attracted to the noise. So, make sure to not make unnecessary sound and also check the vehicles for faulty parts and repair the vehicle if needed.
  • Survivors are your responsibility and you are their leader. So, make sure they get all your instructions and do not open fire unless you want them to open fire. As this is a survivor game, so, you need to plan your movements to make the survival as long as possible.
  • To support the survivor theme, you need to collect water and food items to keep your group well-fed and hydrated. Simple zombies’ mod gives you the intense experience of a zombie apocalypse, so do not miss out.
  • You can stay safe in the safe zone from the zombies. But you need to barricade the safe zone and make sure there is no entry point for the zombies.
  • You can recruit new survivors and increase your strength. After all, you will be needing all the help to finish the game.
  • Weapons are available at your disposal to fight off the dangerous and ruthless enemies. Divide the weapons among the survivors and guide them to only shoot when it is necessary.
  • Bandages and health packs are available so, you are always at full health while fighting off the zombies. 
  • You must create your own ammo to fight the zombies. So, make sure you always have enough arsenal to fight any surprise zombie attack.



How to install:

It seems to be a problem at your end. Before commenting, please be sure:

1.- You read carefully the description.
2.- You’ve installed everything needed to run this mod without problems (Check description requeriments).
3.- You don’t have a pirated version of the game (May not work with ilegal copies).
3.- The version of your Simple Zombies mod installed is 1.0.2d (Delete any residual file from older versions, also the ones called “Inventory.xml” and similar created by this mod).
4.- There are not other Script mods that can cause conflicts with this one.
5.- Your operating system (Windows) is up to date.
6.- You did all correctly and you’re 100% sure there are no mistakes by your part.

Download Links:

 1.0.2d (current) Link Download :