Download SimpleGangWar 2.3.3 – Screenshots and Description:

SimpleGangWar 2.1.1

Grand Theft Auto V script to create a basic battle between two teams.

This script is inspired in Kerosini’s Gang War script. The focus of my script is to provide a similar simple script to create instant battles, while providing new customizable settings.

Requirements: ScriptHookV & ScriptHookVDotNet

Installation: extract SimpleGangWar.cs & SimpleGangWar.ini in your scripts folder

Getting started: the unique hotkey (B by default) is used to pass through all the steps to setup the battle scenario. You will see instructions in-game.
During battle, press B twice to stop the battle, or press N to pause/resume peds from spawning.

About SimpleGangWar.ini settings: more info on Github repository or file



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