What would you like to do if you have a ridiculous amount of money to spend?

You will probably go on buying every luxury item that you could imagine. Although it is slightly impossible in the real world but in the world of GTA V, anything is possible. There is a mod available that give you unlimited wealth and you could buy anything that GTA V has to offer. Single-player apartment mod for GTA V is one of the most popular mods as it gives the ability to buy every apartment in Grand Theft Auto V.

Mod allows all kind of property purchases and you could choose from high-end apartments to low range houses. The mod approximately allows you to spend more than 2 trillion dollars. So, you can only imagine what kind of purchases we are talking about here. Cool highlights of the mod are:

  • There are around 47 apartments in GTA V with all kind of ranges. You can buy high-end apartments with nice views and neighbors, you have the option to build your own custom apartments, stilt and medium-range houses are also available and in the end, low-end apartments can be bought too to satisfy the money-spending craves. 
  • Cool things that these apartments offer is the garages where you can store your luxury vehicles. The vehicles stored in these garages are your personal property and cannot be taken away from you. With 47 apartments, there comes the space of 450 garages. So, you can only imagine what cars will be in your custody. If you want to change your car at any place within the game, you just need to call your mechanic and he will deliver the car at your desired point.
  • You can spend your time in the apartment as you do in real life. You can watch TV while enjoying your beer or you can take a nap in your bedroom. If you feel like showering, single-player apartment mod has got you covered.  There are some vices as well for you to enjoy like alcohol, whiskey, and smoke bongs. 
  • With that kind of money, you can buy anything in the game. From apartment to cars, bikes, jets, passenger planes, Benny’s Motorworks, and even tanks.
  • The more cool feature is that the mod supports various languages to target the wider audience. Currently, the mod supports English, Chinese, Russian, French, Polish, and Spanish.
  • In custom apartments, you can go nuts while decorating the interiors and crafting the overall look of the apartment. You can even place tornado roof to give the all classy look to your apartment. You can change the interior whenever you want and custom apartments have the space to store 10 cars.

All of this luxury lifestyle was made possible only because of the single-player apartment mod. You can be an eccentric billionaire who spends money whenever he breathes. The excitement, the fun, and thrill are enough to motivate you to try single-player apartment mod and enjoy the GTA V luxury experience.



How to install:

– GTAV with Executives and Other Criminals Expansion Pack
– Latest ScriptHookV
– Latest Community Script Hook V .NET
– Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 x64
– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7
– INMNativeUI.dll (Included in archive)
– iFruitAddon (Included in archive)


– Mors Mutual Insurance Notification bugs fixed.
– Blip not show while playing Director Mode fixed.
– New Dealership UI.
– Tornado Custom Roof can’t save fixed.
– Removed a bunch of unused & repeated codes.
– NativeUI update for latest SHVDN.
– Error logs will all saved in single file SPA.log.
– Minor bugs fixed and improvement.
– Shrink 50+ scripts into 10+.


Download Links:

 1.9.2 (current): Link Downloadhttps://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1604117415


Rockstar Games – Great Game
Alexander Blade – Script Hook V
Crosire – Script Hook V Dot Net
TaazR/NewTheft – Help
EnergyStyle – Tester, Chinese Translator
Jorge – Spanish Translator
Celthium – French Translator
Gregor Schill/TwoPlay – German Translator
WujekPolska/NopeDope – Polish Translator
MMK_033 – Russian Translator
Ideo – Get Info Mod
MoMadenU – Native Watcher
Guadmaz – Native UI
TylerEspo – AnimationV
CamxxCore – iFruitAddOn
Cr1TiKa7 – Help
Graphicscore – Developer Monitors
abstractmode – MP Characters’ Outfits
Gery Simbolon, 韩赫, Digitalclips, Mushi King, SCOFIELD – Tester