This content provides instructions for installing a sitting pose mod in Grand Theft Auto V. The mod can be installed by downloading the YCD files and placing them in the appropriate directory. Users can also use the Menyoo trainer by editing the FavoriteAnim.xml file. In addition, instructions are provided for installing the mod in the FiveM multiplayer platform. The mod was created by Gabu and Omega Store and can be downloaded from their website. The file size is 2 MB.

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Sitting Pose V1.0

Sitting Pose V1.0


Install the YCD files by click and dropping to:
Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpackspatchday4ngdlc.rpfx64animingame[email protected]

If you want, you can use Menyoo trainer for the pose. You just need to edit the FavoriteAnim.xml file and add the code provided in “Menyoo“. Copy paste the Anim Dict after your last favorite animation.

And have fun!

Extract the stream folder inside the dpemotes folder
Copy the “Read Me” code into AnimationList.lua found in Client folder.


Animation by Gabu, Omega Store.

Download mod

File File size
Sitting Pose – By Omega
2 MB

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Unfortunately, I cannot directly compare the “Table Sitting Pose V1.0 Mod” with specific other mods as you did not provide a list of similar mods. However, I can give you a general idea of how it may compare to other similar mods that enhance sitting poses in games.

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1. Enhanced Sitting Pose Mod: This mod may offer more varied sitting poses, including the ability to sit on different types of objects in the game. It could have additional animations and options for interacting with the environment while seated.

2. Realistic Sitting Pose Mod: This mod may focus on providing more lifelike sitting poses, with improved animations and realism in how characters sit and interact with their surroundings. It may offer more accurate body positioning, improved joint movements, and a greater sense of weight and balance while sitting.

3. Sitting Furniture Mod: This type of mod would focus on adding new furniture items to the game specifically designed for sitting. It may offer a wider variety of chairs, benches, sofas, and other seating options, allowing players to choose their preferred sitting position and style.

4. Interactive Sitting Pose Mod: This mod may go beyond just improving sitting poses and offer additional interactive elements. It could include the ability to eat, read, use electronic devices, or engage in other activities while seated. It may also allow players to socialize with other characters who are also sitting nearby.

5. Animated Sitting Pose Mod: This mod could enhance sitting poses by introducing dynamic and animated movements. It may include options for characters to fidget, lean back, cross their legs, or perform other subtle movements while seated, creating a more dynamic and realistic appearance.

It’s important to note that the specifics of these mods will vary based on the game they are designed for. Additionally, these are just hypothetical examples, and there may be other mods that offer different features or focus on different aspects of sitting poses.
Sitting Pose V1.0
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