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This mod will give you the Skoda Octavia 2014 [Greek Police] V1.0. The car becomes more beautiful and smoother in the GTAV with high-quality images. Accompanied by fine tweaks like the steering wheel and the position of the seat, the dashboard, and the lights all work well to help the player have the best experience while driving.

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Skoda Octavia Belgium [Local Police Antwerp] V1.0.1 - 2

All credits to:
3D Model : Humber3D
Model Purchased : 3D Model’s – ChrisR
Lightbar – Matthew Cammack(ObsidianGames)
Poly’s Lowered – Tim
GTAIV Author : BritishGamer88n
Edited Further For IV : BritishGamer88
Converted over to GTAV : BritishGamer88
Texture’s/Material’s : BritishGamer88
Template : BritishGamer88
Grill Lights : Vertex
Bumper Lighs : Vertex
Oleg : for continuious help to get the model working ingame!!
Skin’s : BritishGamer88/Andy Fenner
Rim’s : Chris
Interior : Rockstar Games
Modeled Boot : BriishGamer88
Engine : BritishGamer88


Skoda Octavia Belgium [Local Police Antwerp] V1.0.1 - 1

Skoda Octavia Belgium [Local Police Antwerp] V1.0.1 - 3

Skoda Octavia Belgium [Local Police Antwerp] V1.0.1 - 4

Skoda Octavia Belgium [Local Police Antwerp] V1.0.1 - 5

How To Install 

1) Add file in last dlc pack
F:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacks

1 – Don’t upload without permission

2 – I am not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your PC or game directory during a) the installation b) usage or c) removal of this mod. You are responsible for backing up your files!

3 – If you want to include this mod in a pack, please contact me. Clan and private packs are an exception, as long as they stay ‘private’. Correct credits must be given at ALL times.


Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1574719842