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Smooth Driving V 1.0

This modification enhances keyboard and mouse driving in Grand Theft Auto V, by smoothing out throttle, brake and steering, providing a cruise control feature with auto-follow, and other miscellaneous improvements such as engine control, fuelling, etc. Aggressive driving is still possible, either by double tapping W/S, or enabling race mode (detailed user guide included in download).

– Smooth acceleration/deceleration
– Smooth, realistic steering (with steering angle hold outside of vehicle)
– Ignition control (engine stays on when leaving vehicle)
– Fuel consumption and refueling
– Cruise control with auto-follow
– Improved, automatic gearbox
– Optional custom gear ratios
– Compact and informative UI
– Extensive configuration
– Turn and hazard indicators with automatic cutoff

Planned Features
– Manual sequential shifting
– Odometer (have to figure out how this will work in game)

Known Bugs
– UI may flicker when FPS fluctuates a lot
– Please report any further bugs

1. Ensure you have the following installed:
– ASI Loader (OpenIV > Tools > ASI Manager)
– ScriptHookV (latest version)
– ScriptHookV .NET (latest version)
2. Navigate to the Grand Theft Auto V main directory.
3. Go to the Scripts folder (part of ScriptHookV .NET, if such folder does not exist, create it).
4. Unpack the archive that was downloaded into the Scripts folder (SmoothDrivingV.dll and the SmoothDrivingV folder should be alongside one-another inside the Scripts folder).

– V1.06:
– Added UI offset and anchor point
– Added jerry can refueling
– Added configurable electronic speed limiter
– Added engine key turn animation
– Made the UI margin setting actually do something
– Fixed plane taxi bug
– Fixed indicator auto cutoff not working with stock steering
– Somewhat fixed electric vehicles (some more testing is necessary)

– V1.01:
– Added sequential shifting
– Added ability to disable smooth steering


– Reyser, for MASSIVELY supporting the development process by testing and reporting bugs.
– Alexander Blade, creator of Script Hook V
– crosire, creator of Script Hook V .NET


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