This content is about a mod for furry character poses in a video game. The mod creator has released an initial version with one pose and plans to add more in the future. The poses are meant to be used with other mods that have poses for people. The creator prioritizes quality in their poses and will fix any issues that are reported. Installation instructions are provided, and the mod can be used with Menyoo. The latest version of the mod includes a hugging pose and fixes a rotation lock.

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Snowie’s Poses / Animations – Furry Friends 3.0

Snowie's Poses / Animations - Furry Friends 2.0

Addon static Poses made for our lovely furry friends ????????

Currently has only 1 pose, but this is an initial release and as I make new poses I will be uploading them in this page instead of creating a new mod page for every few… Hopefully it can also help you as well for track any new ones and changes ????

It is best to be used with a foreever loving person (included in the other mod page, which has poses for people ).
Although it is up to your creative imaginations to use it for various other scenes you can imagine ????

I prioritize the quality in my poses and have unique and diverse ideas I would love to share with you ???? As a drawback the poses can come rather slow, also considering the power outages occuring constantly which I lose some part of my work, but they will be quality ones I promise.

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The pose will work and be identical for any other doggy at the same size ????

If you notice any issues that could have slipped through from my eyes, please let me know and I will upload the fixed version as soon as I can ????

Installation: I have already included the poses inside a dlcpack. Just need to install it as a normal dlcpack installation;
Place the CustomPosesFurryFriends folder inside;

Add this line after any official game DLC.

After I created mine, I saw there is a similar one already made however mine is simplified and has only single .rpf that can cover every peds. Was initially going to remove mine but after saw there are some differences I have decided to include it. If you wish however you can just take the poses and install them to other dlcpack you already using of course.

The further instructions on how to use them with Menyoo is included inside the file.

I guess that’s all I have to say for now and I hope you can enjoy the poses as much as I excited while making them ???????? Please drop by your thoughts in the comments ✨



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Snowie’s Poses / Animations – Furry Friends 3.0
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You are currently viewing the content of Snowie’s Poses / Animations – Furry Friends 3.0 Gta V Mod on the
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