Snowie’s Poses/Animations – People 3.0 is a mod that includes various poses for characters in the game. The mod is still in its initial release, but more poses will be added over time. The second pose is designed to be used with a dog. The creator prioritizes quality in the poses and aims to create unique and diverse ideas. However, the poses may vary depending on the character model used. The mod can be installed by placing the SnowiesPosesPeople folder in the specified game directories. The mod also includes instructions on how to use the poses with Menyoo. The latest version of the mod (3.0) includes 7 new poses, including Heart Hands and Lying On Beach.

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Snowie’s Poses / Animations – People 3.0

Snowie's Poses / Animations - People 2.0

Currently has 2 poses, but this is an initial release and as I make new poses I will be uploading them in this page instead of creating a new mod page for every few… Hopefully it can also help you as well for track any new ones and changes ????

Second pose is best to be used with a doggy (included in the other mod page, has poses for our lovely furry friends ???? ).
Although it is up to your creative imaginations to use it for various scenes like washing hands, carrying something small or whatever else you can imagine ????

I prioritize the quality in my poses and have unique and diverse ideas I would love to share with you ???? As a drawback the poses can come rather slow, also considering the power outages occuring constantly which I lose some part of my work, but they will be quality ones I promise.

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Since the skeletons can differ from one ped type to another, unfortunately I can not promise the pose will look identical in every ped. However I will try to create the same pose for MP characters and for some popular Addon peds time to time…

If you notice any issues that could have slipped through from my eyes, please let me know and I will upload the fixed version as soon as I can ????

I have already included the poses inside a dlcpack. Just need to install it as a normal dlcpack installation;
Place the SnowiesPosesPeople folder inside;

Add this line after any official game DLC.

After I created mine, I saw there is a similar one already made however mine is simplified and has only single .rpf that can cover every peds. Was initially going to remove mine but after saw there are some differences I have decided to include it. If you wish however you can just take the poses and install them to other dlcpack you already using of course.

The further instructions on how to use them with Menyoo is included inside the file.

I guess that’s all I have to say for now and I hope you can enjoy the poses as much as I excited while making them ???????? Please drop by your thoughts in the comments ✨

Version 3.0
Added 7 more poses;
Heart Hands (Made for Add On Peds)
Heart Hands MP Female 1 (Included in Tay’s DpEmotes as well)
Heart Hands MP Female 2
Hooman Hugging Little Doggy ???????????? (Attachment instructions included)
Lying On Beach
Lying On Beach – With Phone
Lying On Beach – Hand At Chin

Version 2.0
Added 3 more poses;
Petting Little Doggy (Works with all little sized furry doggies ???????????? )
Leaning and Holding Hair
A Dark and Secret Magic



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Table Snowie’s Poses/Animations – People 3.0 Mod is a popular mod for The Sims 4 game that adds a variety of poses and animations for the characters in the game. While it is difficult to find an exact comparison for this specific mod, we can compare it to other similar mods that offer similar features or enhancements for character poses and animations in the game. Here are five mods that can be compared to Table Snowie’s Poses/Animations – People 3.0 Mod:

1. Pose Player by Andrew’s Studio: This mod allows players to add custom poses to their Sims, enabling them to have more dynamic and unique poses for their characters. Players can add poses created by themselves or by other users in the community.

2. Animation Player by Thea’s Animations: Similar to the Pose Player mod, the Animation Player mod allows players to add custom animations to their Sims. It offers a wide range of animations, including dancing, sitting, and more, to add more realism and diversity to the characters’ movements.

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3. Sim’s Story Animation Pack by Lumpinou: This mod adds various storytelling animations for Sims, allowing players to create more dramatic and emotional scenes. It includes animations for actions such as flirting, confessing, crying, and more, enhancing the narrative and storytelling elements of the game.

4. Pose Mode by Kijiko: Pose Mode is a powerful mod that provides a user-friendly interface for creating and editing poses for Sims. It allows players to adjust body positions, facial expressions, and camera angles to create custom poses. The mod also offers options for saving and sharing poses with other players.

5. AEP Outfits Pack by Ahnna: This mod adds a collection of new outfits and clothing options for Sims, allowing players to customize their characters’ appearance. While it doesn’t specifically focus on poses or animations, the addition of new clothing options can enhance the visual representation of characters during poses and animations.

Overall, while there may not be an exact comparison for Table Snowie’s Poses/Animations – People 3.0 Mod, there are several similar mods available that offer enhancements for character poses, animations, and overall customization options in The Sims 4 game.
Snowie’s Poses / Animations – People 3.0
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