Download Southern Styled Vegetation [Add-On / YMAP / FiveM Ready] 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Southern Styled Vegetation [Add-On / YMAP / FiveM Ready] 2.0

? Southern Styled Vegetation v2.0

This mod adds a very heavily inspired by, realistic and very accurate Southern or South-Eastern like Wetland/Swamp vegetation to your Grand Theft Auto V game or FiveM server. All of the vegetation used is vanilla based, heavily optimized and has been placed and edited carefully via Map Editor and Codewalker to recreate and immerse players into a Sandy Shores as well as Panorama, Joshua, Senora Freeway and more, themed area(s) that is fit for the said environment or of a place that is of similar look and feel, relating to a sub-tropical or tropical environment!

Multiple hours of research, time, various videos, and being a resident of the area for a few years, has helped me form as well as create this modification placed and made exclusively for Roleplay, Photography and more!

Please expect a minimum FPS drop of about 5-10 frames
varying and depending on graphic mod, hardware, time of day and location in-game.

You will need OpenIV to install this mod!

Installation directions are included in the Mod archive’s ‘Readme’!



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