Nothing crazy, just a little script that let you handle the player special abilities and the ability bar.


You can:
Disable the main characters abilities (either from the configuration file or toggle it from the game with a cheat code).
Manually hide the (player) ability bar.

How it works:
The bar will hide automatically (if the manual toggle is off in the ini) when playing as a character without ability or if the main character ability is disabled.
If the bar is hidden and then you enter a vehicle with an ability (rocket boost, jump boost, etc), it will show again. Get out and it will be hidden again.

Note: If you use the Character Swap then set “Manual Toggle” to true in “SpecialAbility.ini”.
Note 2: if you use the SNT and enable the Nitro option and nitro1=1 in the .ini, then there might be conflict between the two mods.

Script Hook V .NET

Move “SpecialAbility.cs” and “SpecialAbility.ini” in the “scripts” folder.
Open “SpecialAbility.ini” to configure the script.

Going back to the desktop or changing a graphic setting (specifically the ones that makes the screen refresh) will make the bar show again.
To fix this, change the character back to Michael, Franklin or Trevor and then to the desired character. For the Manual version, press the activation key two times.
Note: this also happens in Director Mode, which means i can’t fix it.

Special Thanks
sjaak327 that posted in the 5Mods discord the native to display the ability bar on vehicles with jump ability/boost/etc.
Unknown Modder for his Native DB.

More:  Benny's Original Motor Works in SP V1.8.11 - gta5 scripts

Fixed an error in the script that made impossible to disable the special ability.
Added an option to toggle the ability in game with a cheat code, one for each character (check the ini for the cheats list). Note: the option in the ini still remains.




Enjoy 🙂

Link Download :