Download Spiked Club from Infestation: Survival Stories [Add-On] – Screenshots and Description:

Spiked Club from Infestation: Survival Stories [Add-On]

This is an add on weapon of the spiked club from infestation survival stories.

Converted to gta 4 by bullet-zone – Spiked bat and converted to gta 5 by yours truly.

Big thanks to yeahhmonkey for helping me out with the add on process and for making the add on base (link below). if you want to convert any of your melee weapons or a melee weapon you plan on making then click here to watch the tutorial he made.

Read the README.txt in the archive it will tell you everything you need to know. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE OPENIV.ASI for mods folder to work! and scripthook!

melee weapon add on base!
Simple vibrant sweetfx
Stripeless leather jacket for trevor
New Jeans for Trevor

Converted this to add on thanks to yeahhmonkey and also took away the clean variant if anyone liked that variant and wants it as an add on also just hmu and ill do it



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