Download SPY Agent hideout [Menyoo] 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

SPY Agent hideout [Menyoo] 1.0

This mod adds a spy agent hideout in the mountains near the “famous ghost mountain” the ocean, it is very impressive. To get there just load file in MENYOO.

This is the result of 3 days of work.

Install instructions:
Open archive
Extract the file to your gamedirectory/menyoostuff/spooner/

Once done open game and then open menyoo mod (file will be in “manage saved file” option in mod).

? If some objects do not appear, please update your GTA 5 to latest DLC. Even If some objects do not even appear, try to restart the game, or low your texture quality.

No need to find on the map, just load the file and you will spawn at the right place.

? For those who don’t know: After entering the car use X button to fly away (as SPY). also the green quad bike can be drive on water by press and hold H button (while on water).

car controls:
Left ctrl to swing up
WASD to drive and nim keys to for direction.

dont use visit in this place in rainy weather as it will ruin the fun. Play as if you are SPY or consider this as your holiday hideout away from the cruel world.

In 2.0 file, some changes has been made in vegetation along with helipad and chopper. Few more has been done in garage. Jeep has been added with engine heated up and damaged due to mountain climb. (if its not spawn as damaged and smoke coming out of engine please install enhance trainer to view those changes)

Rockstar released an update on 10th feb ’21, so please wait till the latest scripthook version will release (old one is 2189 version), on its release I will post new pictures of the new changes



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