Download SQDC YMAP SP Weed Shop 6.0 – Screenshots and Description:

SQDC YMAP SP Weed Shop 6.0

Go Check the Read Me EN

it’s a weed shop mapping
EN This is my first mapping that I did, if it’s not beautiful, sorry will be able to be improved
ES Este es mi primer mapeo, que hice, si no es bueno, sorry puede modificar

Open the Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter

Open a downloadable content pack

Drag and drop the custom_maps file into open iv gta / mods / uptade / x64 / dlcpack

Go to gta / mods / uptade / x64 / dlcpack / custom_maps / dlc.rpf / x64 / levels / x64 / gta5 / _citye / map / custom_maps.rpf
And you will drag and drop (((sqdc.ymap)))

Creator Yang
My Yang Discord # 0793
If you need help, come to Private on Discord, I will respond quickly!

Location: Gang Zone

What can you find here?
a weed shop



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