Download Staffordshire Police Volvo XC90 Marked [ELS] FINAL VOLVO XC90 – Screenshots and Description:

Staffordshire Police Volvo XC90 Marked [ELS] FINAL VOLVO XC90

Hello, today I am releasing my marked XC90 in the Staffordshire Police Setup. This vehicle is currently used as an ARV within the force and used to be a part of Staffordshire Roleplay’s Fleet.

For reference I am Uploading this for T.Andrews as his GTA5Mods was taking almost a week for the vehicle to approved!.

I have decided to release this because of the fact that the community closed and it’s too nice of a car to be sitting on my desktop LOL.


– Model From: Squir
– Model Bought By: C.Owens & T.Andrews
– Model Lowered: C.Owens
– Model Converted: C.Owens
– Model Fixes: C.Owens & T.Andrews
– Defender Lightbar: A.Kucinski
– Button Blasts: A.Kucinski
– Whelen Ions: A.Kucinski
– Whelen Vertex Bullet: Unknown [LCPDFR]
– Other Lights: T.Andrews
– ARV Equipment : D.Pease
– Skin: T.Andrews
– Windows: T.Andrews
– Screenshots: C.Ward

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zipStaffordshire Police Volvo XC90 Marked [ELS] [RELEASE]

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