This content is a post about a strawberry bouquet prop that can be used in the Menyoo mod in Grand Theft Auto V. The instructions on how to install the mod are provided, and the creator of the mod is credited. The file size of the mod is 2 MB.

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Strawberry Bouquet – Prop V1.0

Strawberry Bouquet - Prop V1.0

Bouquet that can be used on menyoo as an object/prop.

How to install:
– Open OpenIV
– Drag and drop files to addonprops DLC pack.
– Add the mod with the addonprops exe by using the following settings:
LodDist 0
Flags 0
S.A 0
propname bouquet
Textures Embedded



Download mod

File File size
2 MB

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Strawberry Bouquet – Prop V1.0
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You are currently viewing the content of Strawberry Bouquet – Prop V1.0 Gta V Mod on the
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