This content is about a pose pack for Grand Theft Auto V. The author has created five animations and is asking for feedback in the comments section. They recommend installing an addonprops add-on and provide instructions for installation. The content also credits Azztek and provides a download link for the mod file, which is 1 MB in size.

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Street pose pack #1 1.0

Street pose pack #1 1.0

Those are the first 5 animation i’ve make tell me how you like them in comment


I recommend you to install addonprops


Drop the .ycd following this path > modsupdatex64dlcpacksaddonpropsdlc.rpfprops.rpf
Add the animation code inside the “FavouriteAnims” following this path > Grand Theft Auto VmenyooStuffFavouriteAnims



Download mod

File File size
1 MB

Table Street pose pack #1 1.0 Mod is a pose pack mod that adds various sitting and standing poses for in-game characters. To compare this mod with other similar mods, we need to consider factors such as pose variety, animation quality, compatibility, user-friendliness, and mod support. Here are 5 other similar mods that can be compared:

1. Elegant Posing Mod: This mod offers a wide range of elegant and formal poses for characters. It focuses on capturing the beauty and grace of the characters. It also includes animations for interactions like handshakes and hugs. However, it may lack the street vibe found in Table Street pose pack.

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2. Action Pose Mod: This mod concentrates on dynamic and action-oriented poses for characters. It includes combat stances, superhero poses, and more. If you’re looking for poses that convey a sense of power and movement, this mod might be a better choice than the Table Street pose pack.

3. Fantasy Pose Mod: This mod is designed specifically for fantasy-themed games. It includes poses that are suitable for mythical creatures, knights, wizards, and other fantasy characters. If you’re playing a game set in a fantastical world, this mod might be more relevant than the Table Street pose pack.

4. Casual Poses Mod: This mod focuses on everyday and casual poses for characters. It includes sitting, standing, and walking animations that are suited for everyday life situations. If you want more relaxed and realistic poses for your in-game characters, this mod could be a good alternative to Table Street pose pack.

5. Customizable Pose Pack Mod: This mod allows players to customize and create their own poses for characters. It provides a framework for players to adjust body positions, facial expressions, and other animation elements. If you’re looking for a more hands-on and personalized approach to posing, this mod might be a better choice compared to the Table Street pose pack.

Ultimately, the best mod for you will depend on your specific preferences and the context of your gameplay. Consider the theme, variety, and customization options offered by each mod to make an informed decision.
Street pose pack #1 1.0
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You are currently viewing the content of Street pose pack #1 1.0 Gta V Mod on the
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