Download Street Racing 0.11.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Street Racing 0.11.0

Start racing on the streets of Los santos. Go up to a random car start a race to see who can out run who, or spawn a custom amount of cars to race. Or find / make a sprint race

Open config.xml to customize your experience

F8: Opens menu
E: Starts a race with the closest car in range
E: Starts a sprint race when within range of a start flag
T: Spawns cars to race

If you find yourself unable to finish the race due to a bug, pressing the ‘Insert’ key will reload all the scripts.


Nearby Distance Races – Start a race with the closest vehicle to you, winner is reaches the set distance between the vehicles
Spawn Distance Races – Spawn racer(s) to race to the, winner is reaches the set distance between the vehicles
Sprint Races – Races around the game world marked with a flag on the map, go up to one and press E to spawn vehicles to follow the checkpoints to the finish
Track Recorder – Record your own sprint race tracks
Police pursuits – Police pursue you if they see you racing, gives you 1 star
Customizable xml config – Change various settings to tweak your gameplay

To install copy StreetRacing.dll and the streetracing folder into the scripts folder where GTA.exe is located. If you don’t have a scripts folder then make one.


-Fixed bug where you occasion couldn’t finish a race
-Added police pursuits

-Added sprint races
-Added track record to make your own track
-Added UI
-Fixed the cruise speed being limited to 80mph

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