Download Stripper Ava Addams 1.05 – Screenshots and Description:

Stripper Ava addams 1.0

Greetings to all friends!

Especially for you, I created this model of the famous actress Ava Addams. And now it’s in GTA 5!

In this version, there are some bugs, namely, the eyes do not work ( who works in zmodeler 3 please tell me how to fix this jamb), the legs are slightly protruding, not very noticeable. All these bugs, I will try to fix in the next patches.

Before proceeding to the installation, I want to make a certain disclaimer.
DO NOT REPLACE THE CHARACTERS THAT ARE SPAMMING ON THE STREETS, AND DO NOT REPLACE csb_stripper_02.d and s_f_y_stripper_02.ydd. Mainly because there may be some unexpected bugs, as well as crash the game.

I will also fix this jamb in the next versions.

And now the installation:
– Path: modsupdatex64dlcpackspatchesdlc.rpx64modelscdimagesmp

And when you turn on the edit mode, you throw out the files from the archive you downloaded.

That’s all, the model is successfully installed!
You can see in-game using the native trainer or other menus that allow you to see the model in-game.



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7zAva Addams

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