Download Superhero Base / Headquarters [Menyoo] ( Hall of Justice ) 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Superhero Base / Headquarters [Menyoo] ( Hall of Justice ) 1.0

This is Superhero Base / Headquarters and the idea is inspired by the DC Justice League, Hall of Justice. It can be used as a normal base its up to you, I just built it as a Superhero base in mind. Enjoy and Let me know what you think. Feel free to use in videos but remember to give credits plz :).

> Big Conference / Main Meeting Hall
> Big Computer / Hacking Setup with multiple servers & Screens
> Private Gun Range
> Private Runway
> 3 Helicopter Pads
> Big Lounge / Entertainment Area
> Kitchen / Canteen
> Huge Gym
> Big Storage / Armory
> Heavily Guarded
> Beautiful Panoramic views of LS
> Glass Sky box

p.s check out the lights at night time

Installation: SImply drag the xml file in folder in Main Directory /menyoostuff /spooner and paste. open menyoo in game and load through saved files.



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