The content is about a tactical pose pack, called Tactical Pack #3 V1.0. The post advises readers to read the readme file for instructions on how to add the favoriteAnims.xml line. It also recommends using Jennie’s Custom Anims mod for installation. For users of DPEMOTES on FiveM, the post mentions that the code for each animation is in the readme, except for the prop info. The post ends with giving credit to struggleville and providing a download link for the mod, which has a file size of 15 MB.

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Tactical Pose Pack #3 V1.0

Tactical Pose Pack #3 V1.0

Don’t forget to read the readme for the favoriteAnims.xml line. It’s necessary to add.

Install using Jennie’s Custom Anims mod. Get it here: How to add Custom Animations easily

Make sure you follow their guidelines on how to install that mod properly and how to install animations using it.

FOR DPEMOTES USERS ON FIVEM: The code for each anim is in the readme, save for the prop info.



Download mod

File File size
Tactical Pack #3
15 MB

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It seems that you are asking for a comparison between the “Table Tactical Pose Pack #3 V1.0” mod and five other similar mods. However, without specific information about these other mods, it is challenging to provide a comprehensive comparison.

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Generally, when comparing mods, it is essential to consider factors such as functionality, features, compatibility, availability, and user reviews. Here is a general breakdown of what to consider:

1. Functionality: How does each mod enhance or alter the gameplay experience? Do they provide new poses or animations for characters in tactical situations?
2. Features: What unique features does each mod offer? Do they include additional poses, gestures, or other interactive elements?
3. Compatibility: Are the mods compatible with the game you are using? Do they work well with other mods or expansions?
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5. User Reviews: What do other players say about each mod? Are they well-received, and do they have positive feedback?

To provide a more detailed and accurate comparison, please provide the names or specific details of the other mods you want to compare with the “Table Tactical Pose Pack #3 V1.0” mod.
Tactical Pose Pack #3 V1.0
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