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TD Gang 1.0.1

This mod will turn your Designer Penthouse on Pillbox Hill into a fortress with enough firepower. You can also call squad and tough guys. Whether it’s a police chase or a gang fight, they will follow you and never retreat, salute!

Tough Guys Team:
– Enter your vehicle as passengers: your tough guys will follow you into the vehicle you are driving.
– Pick up guns: they can pick up the opponent’s dropped guns (preferably pistols) and use them in combat. Currently, the tough guys can only pick up pistols and pump shotguns.
– Combat function: After you start a melee/gunfight or when you are attacked by an enemy, they will follow you into battle.

Squad Team:
– A small team of five soldiers will come to protect you. Each of them has unique combat strategies based on the weapons they are using. The turret gunner brings good fire support as you drive along.

Security Team:
– There are some security guards standing guard and patrolling around the apartment. They will return back to their positions after fights.
– Snipers on the rooftop provide you with a large area of fire support covering the neighbourhood.

Press the L button in-game to load the environment first (a few seconds to deploy the security team around the building) and open the menu (Thanks for the menu template from Alexander Blade). In the menu, use NUM 8 to go up and NUM 2 to go down. Press NUM 5 to select, press BACKSPACE or NUM 0 to close the menu.
After the Tough Guys or Squat are dispatched, select them from the menu again to dismiss the team.
Right now the Tough Guys team will spawn in front of the player so you do not have to wait for dispatch.

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Put the asi file to your GTA5 root directory.

First, you need to install this astonishing Designer Penthouse from BigShaqNOKetchup
ScriptHookV from Alexander Blade
ASI Loader

Now I’m working on the recruitment system, so you can hire new members in-game, train them, buy them weapons, and let them hassle around the city for you.
In addition to this, we will also add some gang missions (e.g. delivery of goods, land grabbing with other gangs, drug delivery and trading, etc.) to make the game more playable, we will add a gang management system ( giving your members different positions in the gang (e.g. patsy, squad leader, area leader, etc.) and assigning them different tasks (e.g. Drug dealing, deliver goods or fight with other gangs)). Stay tuned!

– First release.

– Menu layout rearranged.

– First release.

– Menu layout rearranged.



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