Download Teleportals V8.0.3 (Build 25192) – Screenshots and Description:

Teleportals V8.0.3 (Build 25192)

Teleportals provides teleporting spots in your game. You can simply walk or drive in and come out at another portal somewhere else. This is very useful for places you can’t reach normally. Teleportals comes with a predefined set of portals but you can easily add more, deactivate/activate, delete or modify existing portals.
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V8.0.3, Build 25192
Compatibility build for shvdn 2.10. No changes in the code except for the reference to the new scripthookvdotnet2.dll. V8.0.3 still runs fine. if you install this new build, you have to install the new VCommonFunctions.dll (V2.7.2) as well (included in this download)!



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