Download [Template] NoVoiceMod 0.03 – Screenshots and Description:

[Template] NoVoiceMod 0.03

This mod comes with recreated cutscene sound files and transcripts of the audio files:
Example on SoundCloud
I removed all voices and recreated all sound effects, so you can create your own dubs (voice-overs) of the game.
Simply record your voice and use my cutscene sound files as the backing sound to translate GTA V into your native language or create an awesome inGameParody of GTA V. Be creative!

Change log:
– “pro_mcs_2_mastered_only” edited (prologue, Trevor and Michael collecting the money)
– Text added (from subtitles and listening)
– Audio information added to text file (mono / stereo / channels / reverb / no-reverb)
– second opening cutscene edited (prologue)
– Text added (from subtitles and listening)
– Video added
– initial release
– opening cutscene edited (prologue)


Felix Bartling (reditec)

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