Download The Hanger Raid Heist 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

The Hanger Raid Heist 1.0

This is The Hanger Raid Heist a custom-made heist with voice lines and a completely reused heist board but attuned for this heist.

To Start Go to the facility blip on the map and head to the planning room inside to start your adventure.


Memento Mori, UNUS ANNUS

To Install
drag the .dll, .pdb, and the .ini AND TheHangerRaidHeistAssets Folder into the scripts folder.
You NEED the assets folder in order to play otherwise your script will also crash upon starting up the mod.

Needed mods
You do not need an interior mod because I load all the interiors myself
LemonUI (included in folder)
Script Hook V
Naudio – is included in the download folder
Community Script Hook
You also do not need character swap as i also change the models when needed for cutscenes so you’re always in the leader position.

If you need help feel free to contact me on discord or on my server at bug reports or just general help – – (CruelMasterMC’s Server)

1.0 –
Base Mod
All Setups
Full Finale
Won’t be updateing because it is done



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rarThe Hanger Raid Heist

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