Download The Passenger 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

The Passenger 1.0

The Passenger 1.0

The Passenger 1.0

The Passenger enables you to enter any vehicle as a passenger with a simple press on a button.


G to enter a vehicle as a passenger
G to switch seats in vehicle


ScripthookV v1.0.350.2a
ScripthookV .NET 0.8, 0.9


Place The Passenger.dll in the scripts folder

Known issues

Doesnt work on every vehicles
Doesnt work on parked vehicles
When pressing WASDG when switching seats, u will redo the animation wich takes some time. It also is possible that u become the driver in the passengers seat. This as far as i could see it is only visual.


A config file
Fixing issues

When stuck, try pressing INSERT on you keyboard, this reloads Scripthook .NET. If that doesnt work, restart the game and wait for an update.

No, this is not a copy in any way, i have seen the other passenger mod and it works great with more features. But i accomplished this, wich is nice



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