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This is mod released for the Realistic City :: A PRSA Preset v3.0, this is final version! This file is a personally adjusted preset for PRSA. I adjusted it to become the real as much as possible in all scenes. This preset can be used for most weather conditions and almost all missions in story mode.

The Realistic City A PRSA Preset V3.0 - 6

– The vehicle’s low-beam is not very bright. Please use high-beam positively. If you want to make it brighter, increase “VehicleFrontIntensityXXX” of [LIGHTARTIFICIAL] in “enbseries.ini”.
– If the outdoor is too dark, increase “AmbientUpIntensityXXX” and “AmbientDownIntensityXXX” of [LIGHTNATURAL] in “enbseries.ini”.
– It is set so that no night flicker occurs. But it’s not perfect. If flickering occurs at night, first set the game time to daytime. Then set it again at night.
– If the resolution is FHD, using “TXAA” in addition to “MSAA” will improve the image quality if possible.
– I think that it is better not to use “TXAA” when the resolution is 4K or higher.
– In order to change the graphic settings of GTA5, it is better to use the window mode. Hold down ALT and press ENTER to switch the screen mode.

– Changed [LIGHTARTIFICIAL] in “enbseries.ini” for adjustment of the indoor brightness.
– Changed “Film intensity” in “enbeffect.fx.ini” from 98 to 80 to reduce the blueness a little.
– Changed “Sharpness” in “enbeffectpostpass.fx.ini” from 1.6 to 1.2.
– Removed TrueRain set.
– This release is the final version unless there is a problem.
– Made it possible to use in all weather.
– Adjusted night settings.
– Adjusted the headlight brightness.
– Changed [ADAPTATION] in “enbseries.ini” to reduce a night flicker.
– Compatible with “ENBSeries 0.387”.
– Fixed the brightness of the night.
– First Release

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– “VisualV” by CP & robi29
– “NaturalVision Remastered” by Razed
– “ENBSeries” by Boris Vorontsov
– “PRSA – PhotoRealistic San Andreas ENB 2.0” by L00
– Google translation


The Realistic City A PRSA Preset V3.0 - 1

The Realistic City A PRSA Preset V3.0 - 2

The Realistic City A PRSA Preset V3.0 - 4

The Realistic City A PRSA Preset V3.0 - 5

The Realistic City A PRSA Preset V3.0 - 2

How To Install 

VisualV (Please install it before “NaturalVision Remastered”)
NaturalVision Remastered
PRSA – PhotoRealistic San Andreas ENB 2.0

Copy unzipped two files and one folder to the GTA5 folder.
Please backup the existing file before applying this file.


Thanks for download!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1571450980