Always wondered why you can’t buy houses in GTA V? Then let us relieve you from that with The Savehouse Mod.

BUY HOUSES/APARTMENTS: Go to your local Real Estate office and buy the house of your dreams. Look at the stunning interiors and be amazed by the beautiful views.

RENT HOTELROOMS/APARTMENTS: Visited a friend and too drunk to drive then rent a hotel room and enjoy the nice comfy beds. Or rent an apartment if you can’t afford a house. All with nice and easy going interiors.

CREATE CUSTOM SAVESPOTS: No properties to your liking! Then create a custom savespot, buy the interior you want and live as a king.

Feautures :

  • Go to the Real Estate Office (See suitcase blip on the map).
  • Purchase a property.
  • Use the property as your new save location.



How to install:


All keys can be changed!

Control key : Ctrl
Mod on/off key : Control + Numpad 0
Custom Savehouse key : Control + Numpad 1
Blips off key : Control + Numpad 7
Blips on key : Control + Numpad 9

GUI Menu Navigate up : Numpad 8
GUI Menu Navigate down : Numpad 2
GUI Menu Enter / Accept: Numpad 5

No Numpad Configuration To use our mod without numpad you need to make changes to the shGUI.lua file. To make it easy we have already done it for you. Download No Numpad Configuration

GUI Menu Navigate up : Arrow Up
GUI Menu Navigate down : Arrow Down
GUI Menu Enter / Accept: Enter


Mod on/off key : LT + RT + R3
Custom Savehouse key : RB + X
Blips off key : LT + RT + X
Blips on key : LT + RT + A
Navigate up : LT + RSUP
Navigate down : LT + RSDOWN
Enter / Accept: LT + A

Download Links:

 0.8.8 (current) :