No corner is safe from the time attack menace. Word is, in a few years even minivans will be packing massive front spoilers and triple rear wing setups. But for the time being, these five technological monsters will quench your thirst for ludicrous speeds no showroom sled can provide. Pack your best helmet, though, or you’re gonna get a taste of a brain slushie – g-force’s no joke.


-Annis ZR-350 T/A
-Dinka Blista T/A
-Karin Futo T/A
-Karin Kuruma T/A Mk.I
-Karin Kuruma T/A Mk.II

How to install:
1.Put “tapack” folder in modsupdatex64dlcpacks
2.Add this line -> dlcpacks:tapack to the dlclist.xml (modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata)

Spawn names: blistata, futota, kurumata, kurumata2, zr350ta

Rockstar Games, Deadman23 & The Shotty – original models
Da7K – model edits, livery mapping (Blista T/A, Futo T/A, Kuruma T/A Mk. I)
Jam – livery mapping (ZR-350 T/A)
Ryo – livery mapping (Kuruma T/A Mk. II)
Bob322 – Futo T/A RHD conversion
Carrythxd – add-on
Emerald – handling (ZR-350 T/A)
Johnny362000 – handling (Futo T/A, Kuruma T/A Mk.I, Kuruma T/A Mk.II)
Xepy – handling (Blista T/A)
Project Homecoming Community – liveries
Boywond – liveries, graphics





Here  is your Time Attack Pack  🙂

Link Download :