Download ToneBeeDTD Volvo 850 (T-5)R mod tweaks 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

ToneBeeDTD Volvo 850 (T-5)R mod tweaks 1.0

Of course no one other than THE rstein uploads something like this. This mini-mod for ToneBeeDTD’s excellent 850 T-5R/850R mod fixes a few things I noticed:

It now skirts the line like a five cylinder turbo. Why? Because Volvo! (as in, the engine sound is now the one from the Osiris)

Lowered the FPV camera a bit

FWD instead of AWD

Top speed is now around ~160 mph

Wheelspin, and lots of it in first gear!

Name has been changed from 850 R to 850 T-5R

*gets overtaken by Rstein’s Ingot, KITT and TT5/RStein at a traffic light*


ToneBeeDTD, Rstein

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