Easily one of the most legendary installments in the whole series, GTA San Andreas still holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. And that’s for good reason: Easily one of the largest GTA games ever made, San Andreas has more to do than you can imagine and does it all in high style.

Top 10 GTA San Andreas Mods

But what if you need a little more than what the core game offers?

That’s where mods come in and GTA San Andreas has some of the best around. In this article, we’ll share our top 10 GTA San Andreas mods and tell you a little bit about what makes each one special. This means we’ll give you some idea of what it does, whether it’s worth it, and what kind of gamer will enjoy it. These are the best but that doesn’t mean every single one is perfect for everybody. That said, here are our top 10 GTA San Andreas mods:

10. Multiplayer

As the name implies, this gives you access to a robust and darn good fun multiplayer mode in GTA San Andreas. If you’ve thought the game a tad lonely of late then this might be the perfect addition that you need. 

9. Zombie Alarm

Want to relive a zombie apocalypse in San Andreas then this mod has you covered. Called Zombie Alarm it is, as you can imagine, a zombie simulator that turns your world into a living hellscape of living dead you have to fend off. 

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8. Car Customization

The cars in GTA are already pretty awesome, but this mod lets you give them an extra touch of flare or even an extra hot paint job – depending on your preferences. Gta san andreas car mods

7. ENB Series – Modern Look

Want to play GTA San Andreas as if it were a modern GTA game? Then this mod might be what you’re looking for because it overhauls the graphics and turns everything up to 11. If you want to play San Andreas but you can’t get over the attack of the geometry, then this mod will make it easier on your eyes. 

6. Retextured 3

Add new textures to San Andreas and make things look a little bit nicer.

5. Map Editor

Looking to modify and alter the map to your advantage? Then this program seems like just the mod you should acquire immediately. You’ll be able to switch around as well as bring in standard IPL objects directly to the GTA map. And all you have to do is follow the drag, copy, paste process.

Also known as MEd, the Map Editor is extended to not only San Andreas but also the GTA III and Vice City installments.

4. Things to Do in San Andreas

This adds a ton of activities to San Andreas that weren’t in the mainline game. That’s hard to believe when you look at the sheer amount of content in the standard game but this mod finds ways to shove even more into it. 

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3. Double Wield All Weapons

Go on a massive spree by dual wielding every weapon in the game. 

2. GTA Noobmode

Have you ever felt like GTA was just too tough for you? Then change it into an arcade blast fest with GTA Noobmode. Not only does it bring down the difficulty considerably but also it changes the game in some surprising ways.

1. Ultra Realistic HD Effects

Again, if you want to drive San Andreas to its maximum limit in terms of graphics, you need mods like this to help you take advantage of your modern system.