Download TopModsMenu for LCD Screen & Mobile Traffic – Screenshots and Description:

TopModsMenu for LCD Screen & Mobile Traffic

Script Hook V & Community Script Hook V .NET & NativeUI

You always need the current scripthook, scripthookdotnet, nativeui.

How to Install:

put the folder “scripts” including all files. in their GTAV main directory.

How to Start:
Press F11 for Menu
Press F9 for Traffic Scanner
First start of GTAV – press F4 to open scripthook console and type Reload() then Enter confirm. It is only Important for the LCD Screen or Traffic Scanner compatible Vehicles.

known vehicles that use this script:
Mercedes Benz X Klasse TopMods Message Board LCD Screen
TopMods M.B. Vito Mobiler Blitzer Berlin Edition


Marius Scherreik – TopMods

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