Traffic control That script will set traffic violation cameras on some traffic lights,also it will add some Traffic Patrols on any locations you set,
and if you will drive too fast,ignore redlight signal,drive against traffic, hit ped or vehicle or drive on pavement, the LSPD will send you fine ticket on your account if you got caught on camera and Officer will pull you over if he saw the violation.

Also officer will try to pull you over if you have unpaid tickets for too long.You can pay all your tickets in LSPD(Blipped on the map) or with your phone by dialing “Pay Tickets”. in your phonebook.

If you hit some others vehicle,the victim will call police and the will make you pay for broken vehicle AND if you have old unpaid fines,they will include them in bill as well.
If you want to know where hiddent patrols are or see unpaid fines,just dial “CheckInfo” in your phone contact book for certain percent of commission and Paiges(Hacker) help;

Feautures :

-Different violations like:
1.Redlight signal ignore;
2.Hit peds or vehicles;
3.Driving on Pavements / Against Traffic;
4.Driving without seatbelt or helmet;
5.No blinkers while performing turn;
6.Driving without headlights on in twilights or without antifog lights in fog or thunder;
7.Breaking speed limits;
– Dynamical cameras spawn with blips and FX;
– Nearby Patrols will start to check your license if you have unpaid fines;
– Traffic Patrols or othe cops will try to pull you over if they see your breaking traffic rulse;
– Pay tickets or recieve money for traffic violations or traffic accidents with your Phone;
– Ifruit2Addon support,so you really have to dial some contact numbers for some actions;
-Check road information,unpaid fines and hiddent patrols locations on the map by dialing “CheckInfo” contact;



How to install:

Just drop all files from the Script folder to your GTAV/Scripts/ folder;

How to use:

The script will automaticly register traffic violation,All you need to know is how to pay tickets after agreement or to check some roadinfo in any place,just take out your phone, navigate to phonebook and dial there PayTickets/Recieve Money(Recieve money Will be shown only If you are a victim in traffic accident) or CheckInfo.


-GTA V v1.0.877.1 to 1.0.1290.1 or higher (Probably old versions will work too,i havent tested it yet);
-Latest ScriptHookV;
ScriptHookVDotNet3.0 or higher;
-IfruitAddon2.dll (Included in arhive)
-.NET FrameWork 4.8

Download Links:

3.1b (current) Link Download :