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Train Spawner [AddonRails] 2.0

This mod spawns trains on key press or automatically. It also allows you to spawn trains on rails that are normally not used like the ones in North Yankton or on DLC maps.

This mod serves two purposes.
The first one being to spawn trains of the freight and metro variety. Either triggered by pressing a key or automatically in two minute intervals.
The trains spawned with a key press are spawned at the nearest train track to your current player position. The auto spawned trains spawn somewhere in the distance, a bit like the normal trains of GTA V.
The second purpose is that this mod can spawn trains on ALL rails. This means freight trains on the metro tracks or metro trains on freight tracks. It can even spawn trains on mission tracks like the ones in North Yankton or around the San Chianski gravel pit. Even more interesting, with this mod you can install train tracks as addons. This way you will never need to replace a train track in the traintracks.xml you can just simply add new ones. This is especially interesting for map mod makers who can now add working trains to their maps without replacing the train lines in Los Santos.

– Spawn Freight Trains by pressing T
– Spawn Metro Trains by pressing X
– Auto Spawn Trains on any rails
– Addon rails where trains auto spawn
– Configurable via ini file

The T-Key is used for spawning the freight trains.
The X-Key is used to spawn the metro trains. The trains are spawned at the nearest railtrack to your current player position.

The following settings can be changed in the “TrainSpawner.ini”:
The key to spawn the freight: Default is T (0x54)
The key to spawn the metro: Default is X (0x58)


Optional Mods:
Railroad Engineer to drive the train

This only installs the functionality to spawn trains on key press.
Extract / copy the “TrainSpawner.asi” and “TrainSpawner.ini” to your GTA V folder.

Installing Addon Tracks:
Tracks where the trains are auto spawned.
Download a train track (a tainsXYZ.dat file). Open OpenIV and navigate to your “mods” folder. There go to “/common.rpf/data/levels/gta5”. Now rename your “trainsXYZ.dat” file to something not already present in the “/gta5” directory. E.g. per default there is a “trains1.dat”, “trains2.dat”, … , “trains12.dat” so you could e.g. rename your “trainsXYZ.dat” file to “trains13.dat”. Now copy the renamed file into this (the “/gta5”) directory.
Next edit the “traintracks.xml” and copy one of the “train_tracks” and paste it at the end of the file before the tag. E.g.

The “filename” must end with the name of your .dat file, in this case “trains13.dat”
The rest of the parameters are not really relevant for this mod, just leave them like they are.
Now copy the “addonRails” folder from the downloaded archive into your main GTA V directory.
The last step is to also copy your “trainsXYZ.dat” file into one of the subfolders of “addonRail”.
Copying into the “metro” folder will automatically spawn a metro on this track while the “freight” folder means the script spawns a freight train.

How to create a train track:
Using track recorder mod you can easily create a custom train track.

Known Issues:
Script crashes if you spawn more than about 70 trains at once.
Tracks under 10 nodes are not supported by the way my script calculates where to spawn the train.
V1.0: Initial Release
V2.0: Added support for Addon-Train models, multiple train-configs per key and improved stability

Special Thanks to:
dexyfex (CodeWalker)
OpenIV Team (OpenIV)



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