Download Train Stations V 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Train Stations V 1.0

Do you miss train stations over the whole map of GTA V?
This mod simply do this, it adds many different styled train staions to your map.
It also spawns realistic pedestrians and rail road workers to the game.
This mod fits perfectly for my 2 train mods, just check them out over my account

Different styled Train stations, oldschool, ghetto, new and building site
Realistic dirt like beer at some train stations
Railroad workers and homeless spawned people
Realistic lights and building style
Scary train stations at night
Vendor machines and phone booths
No flickering
Realistic builded ways to walk to the train station
bicycle sheds
Peds have diffent relationships to you
optimized benches for the jedijosh920 ‘s Sitting Mod

Sitting Mod

How to install?
1.Read what you need first bellow here
2.Drag and Drop the scripts folder inside the “Grand Theft Auto V” folder of the download inside your GTAV folder

What do you need to use this mod?:
ScriptHookV, ScriptHookV.Net and the Map Editor Mod

Known Bugs:
-Nothing found-

To Do List:
-Add an train station at Sandy Shores-
-Little trainstation improvements
-Little bug fixes



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zipGTA 5 Train Stations V Mod 1.0 By MrGTAmodsgerman

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